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Molly Sanders, CNP

CEO & Founder - Creator of The Beyond Food Program

As someone who binge ate for years and years, I know what the frustration and resignation and guilt feel like. AND as someone who overcame binge eating, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of that. I found ease, freedom, and power around my own health AND I am a yes to my body.

Yes, this is a nutrition program, but it is SO NOT a nutrition program.

So many people want to feel better, look better. And so many people are frustrated and resigned about actually getting what they want because they’ve tried a lot before and have never been able to make it stick.

What people will get here is a solid kick in the pants AND the freedom and peace that comes with feeling like you’re the one who’s in the driver’s seat.

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Why I'll Never Diet Again

And you shouldn't either...

"After just 4 weeks in the this program, I'm getting amazing results. For the first time in 40 years I'm enjoying food without guilt. I went on vacation and dropped 5 lbs. I drank wine, enjoyed the local food and I'm still down. I can't believe it."

Susan S. - HR Executive
I started enjoying life.


Look past the plate - where healthy is EASY.

  • If it’s time - something you “should do” - to look at your nutrition...
  • If you’re over following a strict, deprived, over complicated fad diet...
  • If you’re sick of feeling like a failure on your own, and some professional guidance is in order....
  • If you’re ready to replace willpower and discipline with some serious accountability...

Stop Dieting. Make Changes That Last.

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