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"I found this program over two years after having gastric sleeve surgery. I was gaining back the weight even though I was following the diet to a T. In this program, I realized all the ways I used food to soothe, even the "healthier" foods I was now eating. While in the program I started losing weight again, and a year later I'm down 100 lbs."

Shaaron Y.
Administrative Assistant

Our Team of Practitioners

have the expertise & training to deliver results in even the most complex cases.

People who participate in our programs experience a wide range of outcomes:

  • Weight Loss both during and after the program;
  • Relief From Symptoms like bloating, constipation, joint pain, heartburn/acid-reflux, severe PMS & brain fog;
  • Better Blood Work including reduction in cholesterol, triglycerides, sugars, inflammatory markers;
  • Reduction in Medications for blood sugar regulation, blood-pressure, acid reflux, anxiety & pain;
  • Increases in sleep quality, energy, mood;
  • Reduction in cravings, emotional eating, stress eating & binge eating.

Molly Sanders, CNP

CEO & Founder - Creator of The Beyond Food Program

"If you’ve ever struggled with food & eating, looking at your plate for answers is like putting a bandaid over a staple lodged in your left hand.

Rather than picking apart the food you’re putting in your mouth, you must address WHY you’re doing that in the first place."

As Seen In:

Start with a Conversation: It's Free & It's Powerful

Book the time that works for you, fill out the Self Assessment & go through the results with your BFP Practitioner. You'll start to see all the non food related places that are impacting the way you're eating AND why you're not getting the results you want.

"After just 4 weeks in the this program, I'm getting amazing results. For the first time in 40 years I'm enjoying food without guilt. I went on vacation and dropped 5 lbs. I drank wine, enjoyed the local food and I'm still down. I can't believe it."

Susan S. - HR Executive
I started enjoying life.

Meet the BFP Practitioners

Once you get started with us, you'll be matched with a BFP Practitioner who suits your individual needs & goals.

All BFP Practitioners are Certified Nutritionists

In addition to being trained Holistic Nutritionists, BFP Practitioners are trained to look further than solving your health issue, but ultimately coach you to make lasting changes & create a whole new lifestyle.

Pick Your Perfect Starting Point

All of our programs are powerful as standalone offerings, and are designed as a starting point for the 6 Month Beyond Food Program. Starter Program fees are credited towards the cost of the full Beyond Food Program.

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Four 30 Min Sessions w/your BFP Practitioner

Module 1 of the Beyond Food Program

The FPF Guide, Meal Planning & Meal Audit Tools


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BFP Practitioner Match

Nutribody Assessment Results

In Depth Lifestyle Analysis

Food, Lifestyle & Supplement Recommendations


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Here's what it's like to start the Six Month Beyond Food Program. All Pre Courses can be credited towards the cost of the full program.


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