Diets are out.

change is in.

Tell Me More About The Beyond Food Program

"It’s like an irreversible journey. You can’t unlearn anything that you get from The Beyond Food Program. Even now, two years later I’m still getting value. Well worth the money, ten times over."

- Chris P
Analyst, RBC

Everyone’s Got a Shiny New Diet

The latest, cutting edgiest, fastest way to blah, blah, blah...

They all say the same thing: This new way really is easy! And it's tempting because we want that instant gratification.

But where do we always end up?


  • Sick of wasting time, money & energy
  • Sick of following diets to the letter, but not seeing results
  • Sick of setting goals and failing OR trying, succeeding, and then reverting back to old ways
  • Sick of wondering why you can be so good in other areas - work, relationships, family - and disappointed over and over again about your health
  • Sick of feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information, not knowing what to believe
  • Sick of hearing about other people "doing so well on keto" and feeling guilty about being resigned and annoyed


I'm Ready For A New Approach

"I found this program two years after I had gastric bypass surgery. I was gaining back weight even though I followed the diet to a T. In this program, I started losing weight again and a year later I'm down 100 lbs."

- Shaaron Y
Admin Assistant

I promise you, I get it!

I've seen & heard it all

Personally on my own health journey and professionally as a nutritionist.

  • When I started nutrition school, I thought I was on the right track. But the "healthy" diet I spent countless hours researching & years perfecting had left me tired, nutrient deficient, experiencing raging cravings and with PMS so bad I often couldn't get out of bed.
  • During nutrition school, the constant overwhelm and anxiety from all the new information I was learning (aka all the ways I'd been damaging my body for the last 25 years) exacerbated my lifelong binge-eating behavior. I developed heartburn, an ulcer, and a stress ring of fat around my mid-section.
  • Once I started practicing nutrition, I spent hours putting together meal plans, protocols, and frankly EPIC guidance for my clients - it made little to no difference. People couldn't stick to my recommendations.
  • When I started releasing my programs, I heard horror story after horror story from people who had spent obscene amounts of money on services & programs that provided little to no results - and often left people feeling worse.

The Reason You Struggle

To stick to a diet or eat the way you should is because there's an unaddressed force at play. Unless you understand this, trying to change how you eat feels:

Difficult, restrictive & full of deprivation

Like pushing a boulder up a big hill

Like choosing between fun & health

"If you’ve ever struggled with food & eating, looking at your plate for answers is like putting a bandaid over a staple lodged in your left hand. Rather than picking apart the food you’re putting in your mouth, you must address WHY you’re doing that in the first place."

I'm Over The Struggle

That might seem like a no brainer

But stay with me here:

You are a unique amalgamation of both the healthy & unhealthy, productive & unproductive behaviors of your upbringing, your relationships and your physical surroundings. For example:

Finish your plate + Just TRY it + Broccoli first, then ice cream =

Overeater, picky eater, rewards with sweets.

That might be a bit of an oversimplification, but you get the idea.
Because you’ve never taken the time to stop and think about WHY you function the way you do, you’re at a loss as to WHY you can’t FREAKING stick to a FREAKING diet?!
And you chock it up to a lack of discipline, willpower or think to yourself, "maybe you’re just lazy..."

You with me so far?


I'm with ya! Tell me more

When You Consider What's Out There

Your Lack of Success is No Mystery

This is what you're probably used to:

  • Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all meal plans that are complicated, expensive, and unsustainable
  • Overly restrictive diets with lots of specialized ingredients
  • Pre-portioned, pre-packaged, and pretty pricey meals
  • Tracking, weighing, measuring, portioning every single fleck of food that goes into your mouth
  • “Saving” your points or your calories for a weekend bender
  • Expensive “customized” one-on-one counseling
  • Online group programs with “accountability” - AKA: a Facebook Group
  • Online DIY programs that you pay for, but half ass or don't complete at all


Did I Miss Anything?

None Of These Address The WHY:

That glob of behaviors and habits - both good & bad - that are driving the bus.

Addressing the WHY isn't a linear process

It varies from person to person - but it's far from impossible. In a nutshell, it involves understanding where you are now, where you want to go, and making sure quitting is off the table. Here's what you need to make that happen:

  • A Clear Road Map: Knowing generally where you're headed is not the same as Google Maps giving you directions. You need a truly personalized way of eating that takes into account YOUR body, YOUR needs, YOUR goals, YOUR life - and clear instructions for how to get from how you eat now to that new way of eating.
  • Customization Over Time:  Nutrition & healing are not one-and-done phenomena. As you travel towards your destination, you'll need to re-route, course correct, and occasionally ask for directions.
  • No-Nonsense Mentorship: Einstein said it best: "Instanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results." What you've been doing thus far hasn't worked - outside counsel is required.
  • An Immersive Experience: To truly make a lasting change, this can't be something you spend 20 minutes on once per week. You're gonna learn Spanish a lot quicker in Spain than you will using an app on your phone.
  • Convenience: Even though you'll be immersing yourself, you still have to live your life. Actions & activities should be quick, simple, consistent and impactful.
This Is Exactly What I Need!

"I barely thought about what I ate, let alone why...

I grew up in the Midwest eating lots of processed food, with no love for vegetables, and little understanding that my food was even remotely connected to how my body was feeling. The extent of my nutritional education was calories in, calories out.

When I was ten years old, I started lying about being sick to avoid stresses at school, and I sat at home in front of the TV and I ate.

And spent a lot of my adult life - plus a fair bit of time, money & stress - working to undo the eating habits from my upbringing.

Now I've Helped Thousands

Of Individuals, Couples, Families & Teams Across North America and Europe

To totally revolutionize their relationship to food. To understand the individual needs of their body, their mind, and their environment. To shed light on longstanding & unhelpful behaviors so that people can truly heal and see changes that last.
The Beyond Food Program combines the best pieces of the past 10 years of my life:
  • Content that’s to the point and immediately actionable;
  • Exercises, worksheets & guides that are insightful, impactful and interactive - not just pages of information;
  • Accountability that’s effective & empowering, not discouraging or constraining;
  • Practitioners who are extensively trained in nutrition, specialized diets, vitamin & mineral supplementation, herbal & traditional remedies, mindset & behaviour change
"The Practitioners who take you through this program are the most dedicated people on the planet. They go above and beyond over and over and over again for their clients & are truly experts in their craft. They each have an amazing story of their own - so they have empathy for what it takes to overhaul your health, food & nutrition - but they know what’s at stake if you aren’t successful. You won’t get ANYTHING past them, because they want you to win. Sometimes more than you do. It’s incredible."
Sign Me Up For That!

The Beyond Food Program Practitioners

Nida Nathani, CNP

Certified Nutritionist, BFP Practitioner and Emotional Eating Expert

Dannielle Philipson, CNP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner, BFP Practitioner, Self-Care Guru

Terrie Walsh, CNP

BFP Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Gut Healer

Jason Yee, CNP

BFP Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, IBS Conquerer

Michelle Bish, CNP

BFP Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Health Detective

Angela DiPietro, CNP

BFP Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Eater

Linda Kellock, CNP

BFP Practitioner, Author, Holistic Nutritionist, Cancer Warrior


Look past the plate


If you’re ready to replace willpower and discipline with some serious results...



The Beyond Food Program

Looks beyond just what's on your plate to what you need to tackle in order to make changes that last.

When you complete The Beyond Food Program, you'll walk away from the program with:

  • A new awareness of your body and what works for your individual physiology. How do certain foods make me feel? What energizes me? What do I crave when I skip meals or don’t sleep? What works best for ME? There’s no “right” diet, there’s only what’s right for YOU!
  • A completely new mindset about food, health, and wellness. How do I consistently create motivation to keep going? Where am exhibiting behaviors like emotional eating, binge-eating, or even NOT eating to deal with the stresses of life? What subconscious beliefs do I hold about food and eating? How do I indulge without beating myself up?
  • An environment that is set up for your long term success. I know there are people and situations in my life that are not ideal. But how do I deal with people and situations that are less than helpful? What regular routines and systems do I need to put in place to be successful consistently? How will I be held accountable when I’m no longer in The Beyond Food Program?


No matter what your goals are or what you want to accomplish

People who participate in The Beyond Food Program experience a wide range of results:

  • Weight Loss both during and after the program;
  • Relief From Symptoms like bloating, constipation, joint pain, heartburn/acid-reflux, severe PMS & brain fog;
  • Better Blood Work including reduction in cholesterol, triglycerides, sugars, inflammatory markers;
  • Reduction in Medications for blood sugar regulation, blood-pressure, acid reflux, anxiety & pain;
  • Increases in sleep quality, energy, mood
  • Reduction in cravings, emotional eating, stress eating &binge eating
How Does The Program Work?

"When I lost 6 lbs in the first week - and pretty easily too - I knew this was good. But this program is life changing. I’m down 35 lbs, my PMS is nearly non-existent, and my doctor took me off insulin - and all that happened after I finished the program! It’s 3 months later and I’m still on track - improving actually. "

- Amira
Digital Consultant, Solopreneur

In The Beyond Food Program

You'll create simple, actionable, daily regimes & routines

That support your overall well-being and are easy to maintain, leaving you:

  • Confident in your ability to make smart decisions anytime, anywhere
  • With a powerful understanding of when and where “treats” go in your life, with no guilt or shame, and while still seeing results 
  • Feeling like your environment is supporting instead of hindering your success & progress
  • Knowing you are supported for life by a community of experts & peers focused on success

Here's What's Included:

Weekly Video Lessons

More than 80 focused, engaging & impactful modules, delivered over 12 weeks & under 20 minutes per week

Expert Coaching

Weekly remote sessions with your personal BFP Practitioner where you’ll get custom recommendations & guidance

Weekly Homework

Over 90 Exercises, Resources, Trackers & Guides to help you apply the weekly lessons to your life & reach your goals

Daily Accountability

Keep track of your food through photos, so you and your BFP Practitioner can tweak your meals & recognize behavioral patterns

The FPF Guide

Our simple to implement framework for customizing & creating your plate based on your body, your preferences & your goals

The FPF Meal Audit & Planner

No need to overhaul your eating - this tool helps you tweak your current meals into FPF Approved Meals

The FPF Pantry Audit

What FPF Approved Ingredients do you already have? And what temptations are lurking in those cupboards?

Custom FPF Shopping List

After the Audit, you’ll get an automatically generated list to help you stock your kitchen with FPF Approved items you like & enjoy

The Program Gets Delivered Through

DIY Learning, Weekly Activities & Live Coaching In A Small Group Setting

As a participant in The Beyond Food Program, you'll get:

  • Ongoing recommendations and customization from trained & certified nutritional experts.
  • Weekly coaching from someone who’s ONLY JOB is to make sure you meet your goals - EVEN if you give up on them.
  • Concise & engaging video lessons, delivered weekly to provide insightful and actionable information to help you uncover and address the underlying physical, mental, and environmental drivers of your behavior.

The Beyond Food Program was designed to be delivered remotely & 100% online without any complicated technology. It's easy to participate from your device of choice: phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Until July 31 ONLY!

We've added a three bonuses to guarantee this is a program you never get over.

These add-ons are designed to do three things: First, to make sure you get the most out of each week; Second, to give you flexibility to participate the way that works best for you AND Third, to give you access to the creator of the program.

Until June 30th, You'll Also Get:

  • 12 Bonus Tutorials - one for each week of the program. In these tutorials, the creator of the program provides additional coaching on completing the homework for each week, as well as how to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • A Digital/Printable Workbook of the Beyond Food Program: Everything in this program can be done from your phone, laptop, tablet or computer - but for those of you who prefer a fillable PDF or good old fashioned pen to paper, you can also print the guides, trackers, recipes and worksheets.
  • A Monthly Q & A call with Molly: Join both past and current participants in all stages of the program each month for a Live Q & A. Here you can get coaching  and get your questions answered from the creator herself.


Use Promo Code STEALOFADEAL40 at checkout and save an additional $497 when you pay in full and $800 when you pay in installments.

Again, Here's Whats Included in the BFP

Remember, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL current & new course materials!

Twelve Small Group Sessions with a Nutritionist: $899

Twelve Week online course: $649

90+ Worksheets, Recipes, Templates, Trackers & Guides: $149

FPF Guide & CUstom FPF Tools (Meal Planner, Pantry Audit & Shopping List): $249

Bonus #1 - Four Group Q & A Sessions with Molly: $399

Bonus #2 - Digital/Printable E-Workbook: $49

Bonus #3 - Twelve Tutorials from Molly: $349


Total of $1,946 Plus $797 in Bonuses = $2,743 Value

Getting Started Is Easy

Select the pricing option that's best for you. After checkout, you'll receive access to your first week of lessons and your BFP Practitioner will reach out to schedule a 15-minute Welcome Call.

"We give participants access to The Beyond Food Program FOR LIFE! That includes any upgrades or improvements we make to the program. You also get the first look & exclusive rates for new programming as well as access to The BFP Refresher Program should you find yourself in need of a reboot."

- Molly Sanders
Creator of The Beyond Food Program

"Amazing people. Amazing program. The wealth of knowledge Molly provides gives you info you probably never knew. I've felt infinitely better since I started. Highly recommend it. It’s positively delightful!"

- Jordan W.

Weekly Video Lessons

Each weekly video lesson is delivered in short 1-3 minute modules and take less than 20 minutes to complete. Here's the weekly breakdown:

In this week, you'll learn about how to organize your plate and why Fat, Protein, Fibre, and Color at each meal are essential.

You'll also be able to identify some tell-tale signs & symptoms that indicate various macronutrient & micronutrient deficiencies.

You'll get access to our FPF Guide - the framework you'll use to start tweaking how you currently eat, as well as the FPF Meal Audit Tool, the FPF Meal Planner Template, and the FPF Pantry Audit & Shopping List Generator.

In this week, you'll see a visual demonstration of bloodsugar's impact on you day-in day-out, and learn why it’s important for energy as well as the development (or not) of chronic disease.

In week 2 you'll start to connect physical signs and symptoms that you experience to what you're eating. You also get access to recipes in our Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfast Guide & Energy and Mood Tracker.

After Week 3 you'll have a whole new perspective on digestive health. You'll be able to pinpoint exactly where in the your digestive process you're experiencing inefficiencies PLUS what to do about them.

You'll get access to the infamous Poop Tracker & the Guide To Probiotic Foods.

This week is a MIND BLOWER!

In Week 4 we look at 6 key hormones: cortisol, insulin, leptin, grehlin, serotonin & melotonin, and how these impact impact your eating behaviors.

Once you understand these concepts, you'll clearly see myth of willpower and discipline as critical components of their long term success.

Willpower and discipline have nothing to do with it!

This concept gets solidified as you use the Hormone Symptom Tracker throughout the week.

Week 5 is simultaneously the simplest yet most challenging, the most impactful yet the most dismissed concept of the program.

In this week, you'll shift your focus away from the body and awareness of individual physiology and start to focus on more deeply rooted beliefs that have hindered your success thus far.

This week provides access to long term motivation through the use of Affirmations and Personal Acknowledgement.

This might seem late to talk about cravings given that so many people battle with cravings.

Our reasoning is this: The first four weeks of the program will eliminate some cravings because you're balancing your bloodsugar & implementing the FPF Methodology.

By this point, any cravings that are still sticking around are due to one of two things:

  • Serious deficiencies that need to be addressed; or
  • Emotionally driven eating patterns (more simply put - emotional eating)

Your BFP Practitioner will help you take care of deficiencies and the Cravings Tracker will help to pinpoint emotional eating patterns.

In this week, we take a deep dive into why you do what you do.

Building on the work you did in Week 6, Week 7 looks into some of the long standing beliefs about food and health that are driving your current behaviors.

These beliefs were likely inherited from a young age and easily come to light when you do the Habits Deconstructor Worksheet.

When these beliefs are in full view, you can question them and let them go.

Once you've done this, you'll start to see the roadblocks you've always hit start to melt away. You'll then be able to create new behaviors that are easy to implement and stick to.

Ditch the guilt! Guilt is one of the most common emotions associated with diet culture AND one of the most useless. Guilt keeps usstuck in a nasty catch 22 of indulgence & punishment and we want to say sayonara to that cycle!

In this week, you'll see that the experience of guilt isn't purely emotional - our emotional state directly impacts our physiology.

After this week's lesson and the Expectations Vs. Reality Exercise, you will see that it’s nothing more than unmet expectations that lead to feelings of guilt & it's time to let them go.

In this week, we're shifting gears away from the mind to focus on your environment.

In Week 9 you'll identify, examine and address external circumstances - the people, places and things - in your life that hinder rather than help your long term success.

Using the External Environment Worksheet, you'll uncover how your environment has stopped you from long-term success before and see new actions for how to change it.

Now that you have a handle on the best way to eat for your body - after all, you've been doing it for 9 weeks by this point! It's time to streamline your meal planning and preparation.

For some of you this means shopping & cooking everything yourself; for others this means participating in the planning process alongside others in your household; for others you might outsource the shopping, planning & cooking altogether.

Regardless, this week is designed to help you identify any weak spots in your planning that might knock you off course in the future, and the FPF Planning Template from Week 1 PLUS the Meal Planning OverviewMeal Planning WorksheetSample Meal Plan, and Meal Prep Cookbook will provide whatever resources & support you need.

You know the phrase "It Takes A Village?" It's a pitfall of nearly all human beings to think they're supposed do everything themselves.

Accountability is critical for long-term, sustainable results - and specifically sustainability outside yourself.

In this week, you'll learn that anything that is sustainable and lasts is done with the support of a community. Using the Accountability Grid, you'll map out what roles your community is going to play when it comes to your future success.

Even though this is the final week of the program, it’s a beginning not an end.

For anyone who has ever tried other diets or programs in the past, it's easy to see the end as an chance to go back to the way things were "before."

We don’t want that - we want this to be a powerful launchpad into the next phase of your life.

In order to do that, you need powerful goals.

Using the Goals Sheet, you'll create goals for the next 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and one year & identify what you'll need in order to accomplish those goals and continue your trajectory of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start the program any time. Once you've selected your payment plan and checked out, you'll get two e-mails: one welcoming you to the program; another with your login credentials.

Within 24 hours, you'll receive an e-mail from your BFP Practitioner to set up a 15 minute call.

Your first call with your BFP Practitioner will be about 15 minutes.

On this call, your BFP Practitioner will make sure you have access to the weekly content, give you a few things to prepare for your initial 1-Hour Session, and work out any technology issues for the video conferencing software that we use for your remote sessions.

Yes! We've worked with people from all over the world and have practitioners all over the world as well.

In some cases, a bit of creative scheduling might be required.

It’s about two hours per week.

We suggest you block off 30 minutes for the weekly videos, 30 minutes for your session, and up to 1 hour for your weekly homework, including watching the bonus tutorials and attending the Monthly Live Q & A from Molly.

Because this program is not prescriptive, meaning we don't adhere to any specific diet, food restrictions are no problem.

Every person who participates in this program will co-create a custom way of eating with your BFP Practitioner.

BFP Practitioners are all Certified Nutritional Practitioners and trained in nutrition, specialized diets, vitamin & mineral supplementation, herbal & traditional remedies as well as mindset & performance coaching.

No. All payments are non-refundable.

When you commit to this program, we don't want you to have a back door. There's no one foot in, one food out.

We work with people who are committed to getting the most out of the program and participating fully, to completion.

Of course, sometimes life happens. In extreme cases, we may consider a refunds on a case by case basis and only after a phone or video conversation.

Not at all. There are no required supplement or specialty food purchases either for participation or success.

From time to time, your BFP Practitioner might make recommendations for specific foods or supplements that will forward your goals.

It is up to you whether or not you purchase & implement these recommendations. You are also welcome and encouraged to ask for alternatives if the initial recommendations don't work for you.

If at any time you want an additional call with your BFP Practitioner, you can book a half-hour call for $75 or a one-hour call for $140.

No! During the first week of the program, you will do a couple of different activities that will help you & your BFP practitioner to collaboratively tweak how you eat now to fit within the FPF Framework.

You will revisit this throughout the program, so that by the end you are confident in your knowledge of waht foods work for you and what foods don't.

Sometimes people's personalities clash.

Although we have not had this happen yet, if you don't mesh with your BFP Practitioner we will happily work with you to understand your needs and make sure you are working with the right person.

At the beginning of the program, you'll get a copy of the Client & Practitioner Agreement. 

This agreement outlines your participation in the program. 

Although you have access to the video lessons, homework, tutorials & monthly Live Q & A sessions with Molly for life, you must complete your sessions with your BFP Practitioner in 16 weeks.

The name of the game is accountability.

You are expected to be on every weekly call, with your next weekly lesson watched and the previous week's homework completed & submitted.

Your BFP Practitioner can't do their part if you haven't done yours.

All BFP Practitioners must have completed a registered or accredited program in Nutrition.

Their program curriculum must include nutrition, specialized diets, vitamin & mineral supplementation and herbal & traditional remedies.

BFP Practitioners undergo Intensive training prior to working directly with Get Real to Heal clients.

BFP Practitioners also participate in weekly training & mentorship for one year after the Intensive.

This Seems Like A Lot of Work

I'm not sure I'm ready for something like this.

Let me level with you here. I’m not going to tell you that this is easy. This is a program that’s designed to challenge you. And it's a program that's designed to give you results.
This is not a program full of fluff. We want people who are serious and who are committed and you have to be ready to do the work. Every single piece of this program is there on purpose, and you’re expected to utilize it.
But it doesn’t have to be painful - which if I were a betting woman, I’d bet most of your experiences thus far have been.
We promise you our no BS style of coaching, to cut through the noise (internal and external) that you’ve been swimming around in, so that you can truly heal and finally start to see some lasting results around here!

And You're Not In This Alone

We will hold you to a high standard and we will hold you accountable.

But we don't expect you to be perfect. In fact, it's the points where you fall on your face, so to speak, where you get the biggest results.

Remember: this is designed to be an immersive experience:

  • You'll be watching over 80 video modules over the 12 weeks so that you can hone in & focus on a few key concepts each week.
  • A weekly 30 minute coaching session with your BFP Practitioner will help you turn the concepts from the lessons into action steps.
  • The FPF Guide - our methodology for designing plate - will help you hone & perfect your personalized way of eating.
  • PLUS there are over 90 Resources, Recipes, Trackers & Guides included to walk you step by step through the program.



There will be times when you get stuck and that's OK.

What's not OK is stopping.

Where you stuck in this program is where you normally stop. But this time, you won't stop.

You have the resources and tools of a structure and carefully designed program AND the commitment & dedication of your BFP Practitioner.

OK Let's Do This!


You have all of these bonus add ons so that you'll never be left hanging or unsure about the next step to take.

Twelve Bonus Video Tutorials

An additional 30 minutes of training for each week of the program. In these tutorials, the creator of the program provides additional coaching on completing the homework for each week & how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Digital/Printable BFP Workbook

Everything in this program can be done from your phone, laptop, tablet or computer - but for those of you who prefer a fillable PDF or good old fashioned pen to paper, you can also print the guides, trackers, recipes and worksheets.

A Monthly Q & A call with Molly

Join both past and current participants in all stages of the program each month for a Live Q & A. Here you can take advantage of live coaching &get your questions answered from the creator of The Beyond Food Program herself.

"I love that the program is very holistic – it impacted everything. My eating, my sleep, my body image, my confidence. You think that it’s a nutrition program, and it did heal my body, but it did so much more. I started dating, I got a trainer. It’s not a quick fix to anything – and I really wanted a quick fix. It’s something that’s sustainable and making a big difference in so many aspects of my life."

Program Manager

I just don't think this is the right time for me

My life is a total mess

If the time just isn’t right…
Let me say this. - and this is the kind of coachign you will get in this program. This isn’t about the right time… You kept reading because you knew this has been a “should” or it’s been “time” to do this for a while. The right time isn’t coming. If there’s one thing that I can guarantee is that at some point whole you are in this program, it will not be the right time. GOOD. Those are the moments - the CRITICAL moments - when your life circumstances are not ideal that you will work through with your BFP Practitioner so that they don’t knock you off course.

Ready to dip your toes in?

Get access to the first week of the Beyond Food Program.

We'll send you the link to schedule your free session with a food coach in a couple of days!