The New Get Real to Heal

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018

From Molly & Erica to Get Real to Heal, the story behind the brand.


When founder and CEO of Get Real to Heal, Molly Sanders, decided to pursue health coaching, she wasn’t exactly sure where this path would take her, all she knew was that she wanted to help people. It started as a simple mission to coach people into taking control of their health, and for two years the business (under the name Molly & Erica) did just that.

With Erica recently leaving the business, Molly decided it was time to re-brand, and thus, Get Real to Heal was born. Now with the relaunch in action, it is time to visit what this means for the business and for you, the clients.



With a rebranding of course comes the work we are familiar with seeing. A shiny new logo, a new website… the list goes on. However, there is also a lot of deeper, meaningful work being put into the relaunching of the program. The team at GRTH has been...

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Getting Real With Molly Sanders

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2018


The last six weeks have been quite the roller coaster. After 2 years in business as Molly and Erica and 1 year of our Get Real to Heal Program to part ways, Erica and I decided to part ways. It was a bittersweet, and I had to very quickly ask myself – what’s next? This isn’t how I thought this year would go, so what am I now going to step into?

I decided to keep moving forward on my own – although I have been far from alone on this mission (more on that later). In the last six weeks, I’ve redesigned the program, I’ve revisited and reinvigorated my brand, I’ve redefined and expanded my mission on this planet.

I surrendered to the fear and the overwhelm I felt in going out on my own, trusted that the universe would provide what I needed and that the people around me would have my back.


I am so excited to be launching my brand and program Get Real to Heal in the next couple of weeks. This program has my...

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