Cold Fighting Chicken Soup

chicken soup recipes Dec 05, 2018

Warm savory chicken soup, is there anything better when you're under the weather?

It is the season we are ducking for cover any time we hear someone sniffle. As much as we try to avoid getting sick by eating healthy, taking vitamin C and vitamin D, sometimes it just happens. Of course, doing all these things can help reduce how often we get sick or reduce the length of time. When we do get hit with a bug, what is important, we are taking care of ourselves. Getting lots of rest, eating nourishing foods, drinking tea and getting in lots of fluids.

This week we are sharing our cold fighting chicken soup, to make sure you're prepared if you end up with a pesky cold. Looks like Mom was on to something when she suggested chicken soup to help fight your cold. (she was right again). Of course, the benefits will be based on the ingredients you add to your soup- quality ingredients, equals quality soup. A study completed in 2000 by Dr Stephen Rennard (University of Nebraska Medical Center...

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