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Here's how this program is different

  1. Accountability 
    You know how you say things to yourself like, “I’m gonna wake up at 6 tomorrow and go to the gym and make a really healthy breakfast?” And then 6 a.m. rolls around and you hit snooze, wake up at 7:20 and rush out of the house at 7:30 to make it to work for 8:00. Most humans aren’t reliable to hold themselves accountable, don’t follow through, and them swim around in the guilt of it. Gross, right? That’s why we’re here - to hold you accountable to your commitments and have you empowered!
  2. Awareness & Education
    Let’s get real - there is A LOT of nutrition info floating around out there. We don’t subscribe to any particular philosophy or “-ism” - what we’re here to do is empower you to really understand your body so you can create your own ism.
  3. The Underbelly… Emotional Intelligence 
    Health and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. If you can understand why you’re doing that things you’re doing, you’ll have a better grasp on changing them.
  4. Longevity & Sustainability 
    There will be no counting points, calories, or intense meal plans on this program, but you will get real with yourself about what it is that is stopping you from making positive change.

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Additional Feedback...

"I came to this program after I’d had lap band surgery. I had lost a lot of weight but I still felt crappy. I had no energy, my stomach was always upset, and I was doing everything my doctors told me to do. I didn’t get it. This program gave me a lot of insight about why I do what I'm doing, because before it was just Do this or do that, but I didn't really understand why. That’s one of the things I love about the videos. I also really liked talking to someone, the structure and accountability. Most of the weeks I left my coaching session thinking, why aren’t more people talking about this stuff? I also really liked that I always had access to the resources on the website – it’s like even when I wasn’t in my sessions Molly was there, my coach was there. I guess what I’m trying to say is this program was amazing – best money I’ve ever spent. Everyone should do it."

- Christoph

"This program is NUTS. I thought I was coming to this program to increase my energy levels because I was SO tired all the time. I did get that, but the kinds of conversations I had with my coach in this program were incredible. We were dealing with the serious, root cause stuff. So I guess, long story short - I got a lot of energy, but what I really got was my zest for life."

- Stephanie

"After just 4 weeks in this program, I'm getting amazing results. For the first time in 40 years I'm enjoying food without guilt."

- Sue

"This program gave me so much more than I ever could have imagined. It’s not just nutritional information and help with getting healthy or losing weight, although it does help with that. It dives into the emotional reasons I was eating and gave me a scientific reason why my body was craving the things it wanted. Before I just assumed I was a crazed junk food addict who was the one exception to the rule that could never beat my cravings. But what I’m most thankful for is that it gave me the tools I needed to forgive myself. As a lifelong perfectionist and incredible self-critic, this program gave me the tools that I desperately needed to be able move on from my failures and focus on my triumphs. Normally an “imperfect” decision would derail me for days spiraling into self-destructive behavior binge eating on comfort food. I never considered myself health conscious because I wasn’t eating perfectly everyday. Now I know I am health conscious regardless of the food choices I make. Now I make my choices forcefully and without the guilt and I live my life knowing I will take care of myself, whether I am having a pint of ice cream or a green juice."

- Sadie


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